The service of repair of security belts consists in the substitution or repair of components that are in bad condition and that impide that the seat belt executes a correct operation. The replacement of components ranges from something as simple as a small spring, to something essential, like are the security tapes. If any problems arise, Aerodesign delivers an efficient solution as soon as possible.

The maintenance of safety belts that Aerodesign performs consists of an inspection, scheduled according to each aircraft, by our qualified personnel, all this to detect opportunely failures and malfunctions and to avoid a breakdown of them. According to each case a thorough cleaning of the components of the safety belt is carried out, consequently prolonging its useful life with a correct functioning and esthetics.

The highest technology and the most prestigious accreditations and certifications guarantee the quality of our service of repair and certification of safety belts, and position us as a leading company in interior maintenance services.